TIRED OUT is a cross-disciplinary tale about boundaries told through acrobatic dance, circus, music and objects. In the midst of a dynamic landscape, a spontaneous conversation emerges between a woman, tires, and an audience – whose participation plays an essential part of this story.


TIRED OUT is an outdoor versatile, participatory performance about isolation, connectivity, and barriers – both those within ourselves and those between us and others. These reflections culminate in communal singing and a game of “catch” between the audience and the performer. TIRED OUT originated as a response to the resurgence of hate crimes and extreme nationalism, and has developed against the backdrop of Covid-19 and its resulting social isolation. Today, the stranger/the other is a threat, but through a process of familiarization, this performance offers an opportunity to break the cycle of estrangement. TIRED OUT has an environmental element as well. Tires used in the performance are collected from local garages the week prior to the show, thus promoting both recycling and interaction with the local community.



Length: Approx. 25 min
Suitable for the general public (< 3 years)

Artistic Assistance and outside eye:
Viola Bruni, Shir Leib

Photo CreditsTeresa Guerreiro, Marilyn Marques, Zvonimir Ferina, fAUNA I habitat de criação

Teaser: fAUNA I habitat de criaçã

Creation support: i-Portunus, 
fAUNA I habitat de criaçãoAgitLAB, GARAŽA Kamba
pERFROMED IN : Festival A salto (PT, 2021), Manofim- Contemporary arts festival (Jerusalem, Il, 2021), Fullersta Gård- center of visual arts (Stockholm, SE, 2022), Karavan cirkus festival (Malmo, Se, 2023), Sommar Lund (Se, 2023).frihamnstorget Circus Series (SE, 2023)