Hazy Dayz

This is an invitation to an assemblage-in-motion where the translucent and the blurry are explored.                                                          Where the body is not discrete, and multiplicity and fuzziness are welcomed.                                                                                                     Stillness will be present along with the traces of a trajectory in space. 

A memory. A cloud. A dim shadow. 
Some sounds. 

A proposal for fleeting, fluttering encounters. 

This is a performative interactive installation-in-motion. The audience sits within and around the installation and experiences, through sound and movement, the transformation of space over the duration of the work. 

Performance for the general public 

Length: 40 min

Performed in: Weld, Stockholm, 2023


Performers: DARYA EFRAT, Pedro Pestana and others


Outside eye: Bogdan Szyber and Carina Reich, Martin SonderkampTitle slides design: Aura LewisScenography and costumes: Darya EfrattECHNICAL sUPPORT: rONALD sALASrIGGING CONSULTATOIN: johan BodinProduced by: Karin HauptmannCREATION SUPPORT: sTOCKHOLM UNIVERSITY OF THe ARTS, WELD

Photos by: Bichard Studios